Schirnding – Kunsthaus – The vision

As the light illuminates from within

Manifested in the Künstlerhaus 2013 Maximilian Bernards “The vision”
as personal experiences, which dance, sing and speak
through recurrence and color moods in his exhibition of the same name.


Schirnding – How inspiration from nature and the “inner light” can be processed, makes the latest exhibition in the Schirndinger Künstlerhaus clear. Under the motto "Visions", the painter Maximilian Bernard introduces his personal experience. […] With Maximilian Bernard, repeating forms is tantamount to meditation, which shows the viewer a way into the inner workings. Nevertheless, the repetition is subject to change, that give a glimpse of the beginning and end, made clear Erika Kloß. Maximilian Bernard created his own abstract language with his art – precisely because he lets go of the figurative. His work is multi-layered, smoothed and applied with special rollers, said dumpling. The music also plays an important role in Maximilian Bernard's technique. The painter once wanted to be a musician, but it was to be different. And so he authorizes his works like a score, melodic and yet experimental. Maximilian Bernard calls his art "Matrix New Art"., whereby canvas or paper can be seen as a breeding ground, as surface, which is being reshaped, so that there are movements, that rotate, dance and still be able to pause again." – by Lucia Fischer 2013