New York – Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts

Kunststiftung Angel Oresanz, NYC

Die New Yorker Kunststiftung Angel Oresanz Center for the Arts stellte am 24. und 25. November 2008
die Rauminstallation „Mater Matrix“ von Maximilian Bernard mit ca. 200 Arbeiten auf Leinwand,
Papier und Acrylplatten aus. Die Ausstellung fand im Museum Angel Oresanz, 172-178 Norfolk Street, statt.


Aus dem Flyer in New York: „Expression, depth and intrigue will be exhibited by acclaimed Munich-born artist Maximilian Bernard,
who will have an exclusive two-day U.S. showing at the Orensanz on the Lower East Side. His New York exhibit is long on quality and quantity: the down-town museum will display some 200 of his artist’s paintings on canvas and paper. The Show is scheduled to air on Time Warner channel 67 the beginning of December. Widely respected among followers of the European art scene, Bernard pursues a personal artistic style influence by neo-expressionism, lyrical abstraction and pop art. His work features patterns wih themes that tend to be mystical and cosmic, yet with a hint of 1060’s Warholian familiarity.“