Munich – whiteBOX – Sublaying Melody

The sound experiment

Munich, whiteBOX

The two had first met in New York. Li Lei, incidentally museum director in Shanghai, his hometown, exhibited in the Alp Galleries on 7th Avenue. A little later Maximilian Bernard also exhibited in NY, im Museum „Orensanz des Angel Orensanz Foundation Centers for the Arts“ an der Lower East Side. That was 2008. 2009 there was the first joint appearance of the two abstract artists in the "Art Room Gerdi Gutperle".- Abstract-. That's where you have to get involved. We are generally familiar with this term, a process from the phenomenal world of the physical body to a reduction to it asserting essentials. This is roughly how one imagines the historical act of abstraction, as it happened more than half a century ago. The longer this process is, however, the result, the less compellingly his path has to be followed authentically by today's painter. A painter today can be born abstract. Maybe that's why so many people paint figuratively again. In any case, the protagonists of this exhibition have something special in common. There is no form-language process of step-by-step deduction here, but here is translated, transferred, postponed. mental movements, disembodied, or of a physicality of sounds, are transferred into optical sounds and rhythms. The matrix lies in the inner eye of the generator, in meditation, in the introspection of the performer. The landscapes of Asia are predestined for this approach in Li Lei, of the soul itself and Maximilian Bernard, who previously worked as a psychotherapist (trauma landscape). Plus Elmar Zorn, we already work with him 2005 who had joy (about…domagk /all about…duesseldorf): “ This unites the two artists who formulate very differently: From the depth of meditative research, Maximilian Bernard structures his color scores of continuous patterns in almost inexhaustible variations and Li Lei pulls his color melodies layer by layer onto the surface of the canvas... After the whiteBOX, the next place they meet will be the city, in the Li Lei just under the title "Abstract Melody - 18 Songs” designed a performance homage to the EXPO that had already begun: Shanghai.“

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