Munich – space – Living Colors

Exhibition from 17.1.2018 to 16.2.2018 Invitation to the vernissage: Tuesday 16.1.2018, 19.00 to 00.00 And finissage is on 16.2.2018, 19.00 to 00.00 MAXIMILIAN BERNARD watch || MATRIX LIVING COLORS || SPACE MUNICH Location / Gallery: Space Rumford Street 26 80469 Munich +49 175 1121 656 Strongly rhythmic color samples in a never-ending abundance of Read more about München – space – Living Colors[…]

Munich – KUBIZ – Flying Colours

Exhibition in the KUBIZ from 07.10. to 30.10.2017 Maximilian Bernard studied between 23 and 26 by the sculptor Nicolai Tregor, who is highly valued worldwide. His holistic medical work led him to trauma therapy, whose knowledge of how the human brain works since 2006 enrich his style. This unique and innovative artistic conception led u. a. to an exhibition Read more about München – KUBIZ – Flying Colours[…]

New York – Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts

Kunststiftung Angel Oresanz, NYC [Previews] Die New Yorker Kunststiftung Angel Oresanz Center for the Arts stellte am 24. and 25. November 2008 the installation space “Mater Matrix” Maximilian Bernard with ca. 200 Works on canvas, Paper and acrylic plates. The exhibition took place at the Museum Angel Oresanz, 172-178 Norfolk Street, instead of.   From the flyer in Read more about New York – Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts[…]

Munich – destination – Matrix New Art

Matrrix New Art in July 2014 at Destina Munich “My pictures are the lifting of judgment, because the matrix is ​​in constant renewal. The repeating patterns simulate the structure of thought images, once sharper,the other time dissolving (according to the findings of modern trauma therapy). In harmony with the harmonious color combinations, this opens up a path into deeper ones Read more about München – destination – Matrix New Art[…]

Schirnding – Kunsthaus – The vision

How the light illuminates from within in the Künstlerhaus manifested themselves 2013 Maximilian Bernards “The vision” as personal experiences, which dance, sing and speak through recurrence and color moods in his exhibition of the same name. "Schirnding - How inspirations from nature and the" inner light "can be processed, makes the latest exhibition in the Schirndinger Künstlerhaus clear. The painter leads under the motto “Visions” Read more about Schirnding – Kunsthaus – The vision[…]

Munich – Mohrvilla – Matrix Fantasy

An art dream of the city of Munich in the Mohrvilla 2013 The Mohr-Villa Freimann presented 2013 the works of Maximilian Bernard, the, as the Münchner Wochenanzeiger wrote: “developed a technique of paint application in his painting, whose special way of producing the ornamental and multi-layered works typical for him in luminous or mysterious color compositions. His artistic approach is aimed Read more about München – Mohrvilla – Matrix Fantasy[…]