January 15, 2016


Matrix, What is it?

Matrix is ​​the name, which Maximilian Bernard chose for his painting work. The style is abstract-informal. It is ambiguous, in the original sense of the word matrix is ​​the topsoil, So the reason, from which everything emerges, which saw the light of the world and remains alive in this light. No mere momentary existence, but a lingering one. At first glance there is a rapport, a basic pattern, but this varies in each Outer Repetition. Nothing of course, what could be told as an event like in the sequence of individual images of a film strip. What seems to live here, is such a steady quiet breathing, tide way, unintentionally and unconsciously, pulsation, so to speak. And if it's like scene, so in its symmetry, which is repeated over and over again, without objective and ropes, Rather persisting and timeless. Life as a condition, sensed as a whole rather than being held in a momentary detail.
There are picturesque Unwinding of applied color structures, amorphous, but virulent; They make the surface of the image carrier to space, where they float, be it by way of balloon, be it in an attitude of striding or dancing today quasi umkreisend, Be that as wind moves flowers. But not applied in identification towards, but in the mysteries of the indefinite thus veiling as revealing.
Unregistered life, but perceived as an experience and thus perhaps recognized. It's not only statics and dynamics that quietly blend into one another, but in quiet time and eternity. What happens to the viewer happens inside as well as outside. Maximilian Bernard's pictures may thus be parables of life itself, the metamorphosis, which leaves the essence remains undiminished currently in shapeshifting.

Franz Joseph van der Grinten