Munich – Mohrvilla – Matrix Fantasy

An art dream of the city of Munich in the Mohrvilla 2013

The Mohr-Villa Freimann presented 2013 the works of Maximilian Bernard, the, as the Münchner Wochenanzeiger wrote: “developed a technique of paint application in his painting, whose special way of producing the ornamental and multi-layered works typical for him in luminous or mysterious color compositions. His artistic approach does not target the intellect, but wants to appeal to the viewer's deeper emotional levels.”

There was something to see “Canvases in medium- and large formats, paper works, as well as early works from distant worlds, seen in acrylic. In addition, there is an experimental light installation on the top floor, which is particularly effective in the dark season. A game of color worlds awaits the visitors, which are atmospherically staged to match the aftermath of the turn of the year.” (Munich weekly gazette,

The Mohrvilla itself advertised with the words: “The free, metamorphic structures in Maximilian Bernard's "Matrix Fantasy" break through conventional thoughts and open up spaces for free thinking.”